YOUTH DAY: The youth as the future.

June 16, 2017 comes at a time that South Africa is on an intense moment of reflection. The 1976 Class bequeathed on successive generations of the youth a national service unparalleled in the history of the world. Solomon Mahlangu martyred for a good cause and our country owe it to this indomitable lion of Mamelodi to further the aims of a revolutionary trajectory as we enter a terrain of unforeseen challenges. One of the masterpieces that the late Peter Mokaba gave us in his lifetime as part of a greater picture was a piece of work he wrote on nation building. A document that requires a revisit today as it was when he brought it to the attention of the nation for some robust debates.
One of the most fundamental oversight commissioned post 1994 political breakthrough was when the governing elite treated history as just a mere subject. This is evident today because if a mention is made about Murphy Morobe, Tsietsi Mashinini, Hector Petersen, Dulcie September etc, a few of our youth will not be aware of the immense contribution these gallant individuals played in the national liberation struggle. It is therefore relevant today as it were then that a national project should be established so as to let our youth to know about the history of the country. This will go a long way in shaping their outlook as to the kind of national service they should provide.
The aforementioned national service in a moment of intense reflection in the life of our country invites the youth to heed to the call. Our country is endowed with natural resources that make it one of the richest countries in Africa. Most of the wealth in our country derives mainly from the diversity embedded in our multi cultural-space. If correctly applied documenting our historical journey would obviously constitute a major foundation for socio-economic development. It is therefore very crucial for our youth to take the baton forward by rejuvenating a positive role that is resident in their being as an important layer of society. That the youth will not remain the youth should serve to ignite passion for national service for they will then be in a position to know that as adults they will need the youth to live better.
Without being naïve South African youth need to move beyond political stereotypes and embrace the challenges imposed by the rigours of modern technology. They should engage in the sciences in order to maintain a destined effort to balance their role with the challenges facing the country. Advocacy instruments placed at their disposal by the democratic system should be used to enhance their abilities in pursuit of the attainment of a prosperous South Africa. In the end all what is needed is a prepared ground for the youth to participate in the life of the nation as a whole.
The intensity of the national liberation struggle produced such dedicated individuals who were able to steer clear of rhetoric and advanced a path towards total political emancipation. The youth in 2017 should be in a position to strive for economic emancipation and all that is needed is for the private sector and state to prepare a workable platform. The 1994 political breakthrough was a product of such selfless efforts. At a local level i.e. Maruleng the youth need to come forward and claim a stake in the processes seeking to advance a proper socio-economic development. They should be able to probe and interrogate all matters pertaining to the advancement of their resourcefulness.
Our youth should take their studies very seriously and government in this instance should facilitate the provisioning of relevant educational infrastructure. It is a pity that over twenty years into democracy there is still no college or institution that can cater for the post secondary education for our youth in maruleng. The municipal political leadership continues to lament on this question and shifts the blame to other state organs as if there is no a doctrine of cooperative governance in South Africa. The youth of maruleng are blocked in grade eleven (11) hence there is a need for the establishment of a TVET in order to ensure that these young people are assisted in the pursuit of their dreams.
In celebrating Youth Day in 2017 we should collectively take stock of the ramifications of a society that neglects its young people and work to reverse the downward spiral. We need to communicate a positive message of rebuilding through practical and tangible mechanisms. The future of our communities lies in the hands of the youth. If society leaves the youth to their own devices it will ruin the missed opportunities.
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  1. This is brilliant. Let’s hope that some sanity will prevail in creating a palatable and user-friendly learning environment for our young people.

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