Sekororo-Mametja Bulk Water Supply Project, a white elephant

Sekororo-Mametja Bulk Water Supply Project, a white elephant


Six years later a project that gave hope to the people in the Maruleng municipality in as far as water supply is concerned still stands unfinished. A reservoir capable if operational of supplying the community of Maruleng with enough water still stands like an abandoned museum on a hill in the vicinity of The Oaks village. In

 abandoned museum
abandoned museum

the last quarter of 2012 this project started like a whirlwind with the promise of a speedy completion given the shortage of water supply within the municipal jurisdiction and to date there is no sign of turning the taps anytime soon. What went wrong?. Maruleng municipality.

Over ninety million has already been paid out to engineers and contractors but there remains no hope for the communities to be supplied with water from the project. The Maruleng municipality is best placed to pass the buck to the district as a relevant authority but the fact is, the project is taking place within its jurisdiction and therefore the incessant human cry is made for its ears to hear. In fact it is totally unacceptable that the people who are so poor should be expected to find their own device to hold the district municipality accountable for everything about the project. If this is not misuse of public resources then what is it? Surely, a project of this size could have been completed by now.

What of the trucks that deliver water to the villages? Who is benefitting out of this scheme? Why resort to trucks when there are two perennial rivers and a project that is never completed? The fact to be deduced is that there is a serious problem about this project and the authority in the affected district should be held accountable. It is becoming necessary for the local municipality to take the community into its confidence and demand answers from the district municipality. It is crystal clear that the politics have blundered and every effort is made duly to cover the tracks of wrong doing. If there is nothing wrong in the delay then let the project be completed so that it can serve its purpose.

If the local municipality fails to get to the bottom of the matter then The Presidency should be alerted to the impasse so that it can act as part of its corrective agenda. The people cannot be made to wait any longer. In essence the district municipality has failed to execute its responsibility and therefore has to be held accountable. What is it that makes the project so difficult to be completed? Well, it may be that the politicians are not aware of it or there is a concerted effort to cover a particular anomaly and that time will put them out of the responsibility. How much do the trucks cost the municipality in a day?

Inside sources with knowledge about the project say the following startling revelation: That the main pipe from the river is not properly bedded and therefore will not be able to carry the pressured water, secondly that the reservoir floor has cracked and thirdly that the purification facility is not complete. In a nutshell all these means that the whole project should be started from the scratch and unfortunately millions had already been spent. So, the politicians are trying every trick in the book to deceive the people. If this revelation is not true then the district municipality should provide the necessary clarity as to why the project is not completed. You connect the dots.


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  1. This waste of public resources should be stopped immediately. Water is key to normal life and the District municipality should be called to account. If there is evidence of corruption heads must roll.

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