SEKORORO: Community up in arms over addicted teacher

SEKORORO: Community up in arms over addicted teacher

A teacher at Motlolatsoku primary school in Lorraine, Zone 5 (Nkopetji) in the Maruleng municipality is alleged to have been found sniffing glue in the school premises. The shocking news were confirmed by parents of the pupils and community members who confronted the teacher on the 8th February 2018.

Approximately more than ten (10) tins of glue, a screwdriver and a single sock that the teacher use to sniff the glue were found inside his car. The teacher’s car interior looks like a shoe repairer’s workshop because of the items and the glue which spilt all over the seats and the cockpit.

“This teacher must go immediately because he is endangering the lives of the learners in the school” said Mr. Taola Shai who was part of the community members who confronted the teacher. He further said that the teacher admitted to using the substance within the school premises and that he has been using it for the past ten (10) years.

It is said that during the confrontation the teacher lost his temper, attacked one of the community members injuring the victim’s finger and breaking his wrist watch. It is alleged that the teacher was demoted from Calais High School and seconded to Motlolatsoku primary school due to his erratic behavior. The school’s Acting Principal Mrs. Magomane says she has reported the matter to her superiors in the Makhutswe circuit meanwhile the Circuit Manager Mrs. Malatji confirmed that she has received the reports from the school and that she is prioritizing them.

The community is up in arms because they fear for the children’s lives as they don’t know what the teacher would do to them when he is high on the substance. They say they want him removed from the school before he harm the children.

It is alarmingly shocking to say the least that a serious matter is reported to the relevant authorities and all that they could do was just to prioritize. The logic and practicality in the application of the laws of the country is such that an immediate action could have been taken to remove the teacher for the sake of the safety of the children. To avoid comparing oranges with apples, the school was supposed to have been granted urgent attention by the authorities by ensuring that the delinquent teacher is swiftly dealt with. He is not a good role model to the children. He is a real threat to all at the school.

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