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Post Lethole era and the immediate repercussions

Post Lethole era and the immediate

Mr. Lethole S.J has left and the lingering ghosts are becoming a sordid feature in the corridors of maruleng municipality. The beneficiaries of the unlawful acts of looting and the crippling of the municipal public funds are reeling from the sudden departure of their master. Those that were on the periphery of the gravy train are waiting with keen interest to see the sort of action council will take to recover monies that were unlawfully and corruptly accumulated. The Acting Municipal Manager is thus faced with a daunting task of ensuring that no stone is left unturned. It is either she acts with integrity and decisiveness and save the municipality or she falls within the same cracks that compromised her predecessor. It is a dog eats dog situation.

The situation has been long in the making given that for a time people entrusted with the welfare of the community through optimization of service delivery reduced the municipality to their own money making machinery. Council should therefore move with speed to cover the wider ground and to ensure that whoever violated financial accounting procedures is held accountable. Such a concerted effort should not be restricted to current politicians and officials but that it should include those that have served in the past.

Several projects remain unfinished and others were badly constructed due to the cancer of corruption and maladministration. All these call for a forensic investigation starting from the period when the municipality was established. This will ensure that every area is cracked open and that culprits are identified and brought to the wheels of justice. Justice for the people.

It is only necessary for council to act on the basis of good faith to the mandate bestowed on them by the prescripts of the constitution of the country. Council should also know that acting contrary to their mandate will come back to haunt them. If council especially the governing party continues to treat the municipality as a mere instrument to rubber stamp party decisions, history will obviously treat them ferociously. Public funds are expected to be always used for the sole purpose of serving the people. Papering the cracks through partisan manipulation will only serve to deepen the crises and irrevocably damage the image of the ANC.

A moment has come for true leaders in the municipality to stand up and restore the dignity of this institution. It is never too late to recover lost ground by stopping the looters on their tracks and recouping monies unlawfully and corruptly gained. Council should work very hard to replenish the proper operational imperatives of the municipality and return it to its rightful place of being the people’s institution. The people are the voters and without their votes there can be no municipality. This therefore serves to signal to the politicians: serve the people and not your personal ambitions.

Goldrick Mafologela
015 0040 430
Politics & Governance

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