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Municipal Manager charged with fraud

Municipal Manager charged with fraud

Councilors from the opposition parties in the Maruleng municipality have opened a case of fraud against the Municipal Manager with the SAPS Hoedspruit police station. It is alleged that the Municipal Manager Mr. Lethole S.J fraudulently and without express authorization of council procured a contract for a truck for waste removal services. Evidence shows that the truck costs the municipality R579 000 00 per month which amounts to R6 948 000 00 per year.
The Municipal Manager has been running the municipality under a cloud of controversies amongst others being that he undermines the authority of council. He was initially seconded to the municipality by COGHSTA then withdrawn amid accusations of insubordination before he was employed as a full time Municipal Manager. The matter of the procurement of the waste removal truck leaves a sour taste in that the municipality is so under-resourced that it is unfathomable that it can splash out such a lot of money and still render other important services to the community.
It is further alleged that the Municipal Manager has also adjusted his salary without council’s authorization. It is also alleged that he hired a company of his choosing to assist the municipality in fund raising which is unlawful given that the municipality gets grants from the national government. It is alleged that he opted for this arrangement in order to get a cut from the proceeds of the transaction.
It is therefore hoped that a court of law will be able to provide him with an opportunity to answer to the charges preferred against him. This will then afford council to take the necessary action to remedy the situation in the municipality. Council should also be reviewed by the parties involved in order to gauge whether or not it was not complicit in allowing these theft of public funds. The governing African National Congress should raise the bar in this municipality by placing capable individuals to this institution of governance to avoid a further erosion of its integrity.
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  1. Maruleng municipality is under siege and the looting of public resources is common practice. Stop it now before it is too late to salvage what is left of the municipality. Heads must simply roll.

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