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Minister in the Presidency responsible for Planning, Performance, Monitoring, Evaluation and Administration visited Maruleng Municipality on a service delivery imbizo. This was a third of government events hosted by the municipality. It was preceded by the local municipality and Mopani District municipality’s IDP road-shows.
This colourful event was no different to what has become the norm in terms of government’s approach on its interactions with the people. Flanked by the dignitaries Minister Radebe took time to listen to submissions from the people and responded positively in terms of how he will ensure that there is maximum implementation.
He was similarly touched by the fact that the elderly women, men, the grandfathers and grandmothers in Maruleng are playing soccer. He then said that he has friends that are in business and that he will ask them to assist in the acquisition of soccer kits. “Regard it as done” The minister said amid a rousing applause and ululations from the crowd as the message reached them through an interpreter Mr. Thamaga Ignatius Sekgobela.
Several weeks later the senior citizens are still using the old kit. Perhaps the good Minister is still reeling from the shock of the human locomotive that hit him when he was exposed by junior presidential photographer Ms Siyasanga Mbambani. She alleged that she had a very intimate relationship with the Minister and that he willingly asked her to send him her nude pictures.
The Minister has however played responsible by admitting his liaison with her and apologized to his family, Ms Mbambani and the ANC. This revelation came as a debilitating shock to most of the people because Minister Radebe has always been regarded as the moral presence in the ANC. With the current storm facing the ANC these kinds of scandals are crippling the image of this august organization and the country at large.
It is however hoped that once the Minister has recovered from this career and character damaging episode he will garner courage and still bring the much needed soccer kits to our beloved senior citizens. Those who are involved in this important task of improving the lives of these senior citizens through playing soccer should encourage the Minister and the municipality to ensure that the playgrounds are suitable.
Minister Radebe should take solace in the fact that he cleared the matter very swiftly rather than allowing it to drag for too long. His apology will also portray him as someone responsible unlike those that play arrogance when they are faced with these kinds of challenges. The beauty of life will deal with the journey of healing as affected people find ways and means of dealing with the matter.


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  1. Were the kits promised by the good Minister ever delivered to our senior citizens? Perhaps when it is finally done another imbizo will be hosted just to announce the delivery.

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