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The Oaks activity hall was filled to the rafters. The event titled: Best Award School. In attendance were representatives of School Governing Bodies, Professional Educators Union, South African Democratic Teachers Union, Learner Representative Councils and the local Youth Council. The Class of 2016 had necessitated for this august occasion and the Mayor went all out to ensure that our youth are taken serious and assisted in their educational journey.
Learners were fairly and justifiably represented by fifteen learners from each fifteen schools in the Makhutjwe and Lepelle circuits respectively. The atmosphere was jubilantly electrifying thereby cementing the saying that “Education Liberates”. One could cut the unity of purpose with a naked eye and mind. The spirit of camaraderie in the furnace of teaching and learning was evidence enough to motivate every learner and teacher alike. This was indeed an occasion to extend warm and fraternal thanks to those who worked hard and tirelessly to better the socio-economic conditions of our communities through education.
The creation of links, the building of developmental platforms by the Mayor is a progressive move deserving of approval. The plaudits that characterized the whole occasion were not misplaced in the theatre of human development. Perhaps it is equally important for the communities of Maruleng to develop a mechanism that would give rise to the formation of a municipal wide education trust. The intelligentsia should come to the party to ensure that a TVET is established in the municipality. This will go a long way in easing the burden on parents of having to pay a lot on accommodation for the education of their children.
On display were the various mechanics representing how the municipal dynamics are operated relating the task of partaking meaningfully in the education of the youth. This gesture of goodwill should be extended to purify the quest for synergy in terms of the role of various key stakeholders in the nurturing of the youth within the municipal jurisdiction.
The late Great Nelson Mandela counsels thus in terms of the imperatives of education: “young people must take it upon themselves to ensure that they receive the highest education possible so that they can represent us well as future leaders”. He goes a step further and says “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Similarly, the Mayor and her team in the municipality has got it right to borrow guidance from the wisdom of this revolutionary democrat who served the country and the world with aplomb.
In a quest to balance a broader scope in this cardinal project of empowering young people through education there were excellent achievers in the performance of individual school, learner and educator. They were genuinely rewarded with certificates in recognition of their efforts. Ululations crammed the activity hall as the presentations were being made.
This of course could be said to be the heeding of the call made by the great scholar Albert Einstein when he said “experience is the sole source of knowledge”. With this he opined that beyond the lessons we derive from those that teach us there is a need for direct participation of the individual on a larger scale in the province of human development.
In the best performing school category Ramatau High School scooped the top spot for Makhutjwe circuit and the combined circuits. Rakgolokwana High School came top in the Lepelle circuit. This is a very promising way of enhancing positive competition to motivate our young people to work harder in their studies.
The primary accolades went to the overall top three students in both Makhutjwe and Lepelle circuits. They were (1) Desmond Mohlala – Maahlamele High School – Lepelle circuit, (2) Mokgadi Letseku- Ramatau High school – Makhutjwe circuit, (3) Tebello Mabilu – Ramatau High school-Makhutjwe circuit. They were deservedly awarded with various gadgets relevant to the enrichment of their study material.
It is encouraging once more that education is being taken seriously and hopefully a lot is still to come out of this important commitment by the municipality. The communities therefore need to put more energy in the revitalization of the back to school campaign in order to sustain the momentum going forward.

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