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MARULENG MUNICIPALITY: Mr Lethole S.J resigns as Municipal Manager

MARULENG MUNICIPALITY: Mr Lethole S.J resigns as Municipal Manager

Mr Lethole S.J has tendered his resignation to a special council sitting which assembled to consider amongst others a response from him on the letter of the intention to suspend him. Instead of responding to the letter he opted to resign citing constructive dismissal in that the employer through certain actions made their relationship extremely intolerable.
By avoiding the internal disciplinary route Mr Lethole has just opened the stables and the horses have bolted in different directions. His action has set a different path that may be protracted given that it is intended to place the municipality at the centre of the blame through the constructive dismissal dictum and its attendant implications.
However council detected this strategic move and resolved to only note the letter of his resignation without endorsing it. It then demanded that the letter of its intention to suspend him should be revisited in order to ensure that due process is followed to the end. The Mayor who was supposed to sign the letter prevaricated and as such threw the spanners all over council authority.
Mr Lethole reason that the employer has actually coerced or forced him to resign from the position. This obviously seeks to shift any other responsibility on his part. This will then mean that instead of taking the flack he will actually walk away with a golden bag. This turn of events relives the matter of another former Municipal Manager, Mr Ramothwala R.J who was paid over a million rand in an out of court settlement.
Council has therefore resolved to extend Ms Mokonyane’s Acting Municipal Manager stint with additional three months by which time all processes could have been exhausted. That the Mayor failed to sign the letter of the intention to suspend Mr Lethole points to a serious political deficiency and a willingness to undermine the collective wisdom of council. That council resolved to terminate the services of the waste removal truck and it is still operating and paid for is another sign of a council in disarray. In the end public funds continue to be used for wrong reasons and not service delivery.
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  1. Now is the time for his accomplices to face the full might of the law. Anyone implicated should just do the right thing by returning public funds unlawfully accumulated

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