MARULENG MUNICIPALITY: Human Resources Manager snookered by her own corrupt act

MARULENG MUNICIPALITY: Human Resources Manager snookered by her own corrupt act

The Pandora’s box is opening thick and fast in the Maruleng municipality and it is likely to contaminate the entire institution. Ms Mthethwa F.L, a Human Resources Manager is alleged to have circumvented financial rules by fraudulently entering an item in a report indicating that she has paid for a training for councillors. It was then found out by the opposition councillors that such a training never took place. This came to light in a strategic planning session that was called off late last year when councillors did not get a satisfactory explanation.

“We had to call off the session due to the fact that there was no willingness on the part of the accounting officials to provide answers’ said Councillor Mkansi S.L of the Democratic Alliance. The session was supposed to stretch from the 27th November to 1st December 2017. Another fruitless expenditure. Venue paid for including full meal courses. Despite all the efforts by the opposition to uncover the truth or subject Ms Mthethwa to a formal disciplinary process nothing was done by the governing African National Congress. Instead they still wanted to extend her tenure as Acting Director Corporate Services. It was only when opposition councillors pointed out to the damage she has inflicted on the municipal finances that they relented.

Ms Mthethwa declined to comment when we contacted her about the allegations.
Who is protecting who and for what?
Maruleng municipality is a backlog of irrelevant activities which thwart the implementation of policy programs. That a person can simply be let off the hook for such a blatant criminal act is an indication of a sheer lack of understanding of the prescripts of the law by the relevant authorities. It would seem as if someone is holding a sharp scimitar against the throats of the politicians and senior accounting officials not to perform their duties according to the rule of law. In normal administrative parlance Ms Mthethwa could have long been made to account internally and then reported to the law enforcement agencies. It is not so in the Maruleng municipality instead the reverse is true, they reward wrong doing with promotions.
Maybe it is their time to eat at the expense of the poor.

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