MARULENG MUNICIPALITY: ANC councillors endorse a corrupt Municipal Manager

MARULENG MUNICIPALITY: ANC councillors endorse a corrupt Municipal Manager

ANC councillors in the Maruleng municipality were tamed by their master to protect its embattled Municipal Manager. In a special council sitting these councillors looked extremely beleaguered and tactless in handling the matter of the recklessness with which the Municipal Manager is running the municipality. It is now an open secret that the municipality is in an intensive care unit and ANC councillors continue to believe that it is business as usual. The municipality is entering a second week of complete breakdown and it will continue to be so and the ratepayers and the poorest of the poor are the casualties of this indecisiveness by the governing ANC councillors.

Despite knowing that he will be required to answer to the allegations levelled against him he arrogantly absconded from work. Opposition councillors wanted him to be suspended with immediate effect while the Municipal Public Accounts Committee investigates. The very same committee that was undermined when it tabled recommendations on a separate matter involving the same Municipal Manager is now believed that it can be taken serious. The ANC is trying to hide behind grass in order to protect a manager who has demonstrated beyond doubt that he doesn’t have the interest of the community at heart.

The deadlock occurred as a result of lack of political will on the part of the ANC to sanction the Municipal Manager and the opposition councillors pushing for his immediate suspension. It was then resolved that another sitting will be convened and The Speaker and the Mayor have undertook to ensure that the Municipal Manager attends without failure. The next sitting was then scheduled for Thursday, 1st February 2017. Opposition councillors have vowed that the municipality will remain closed until the Municipal Manager resigns or is dismissed.

At issue are serious infractions which among others is the allegation that the Municipal Manager has adjusted his salary above the level of the municipality and that he has procured a contract for a waste removal truck which costs the municipality over six million per year. In a nutshell the Municipal Manager is milking the municipality dry and by the time he is stopped there will be nothing left in its coffers. It is now obvious that the municipality is on a brink of total collapse and on the verge of being disestablished.

Where is Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa? The man who pledged to fight corruption should surely come to Maruleng municipality and wield his corruption busting stick.

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  1. ANC councillors proved once more that they are mere stooges of their corrupt handlers. How can they protect such a thief?

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