Civic Warriors of Maruleng approaches High Court to interdict appointments

Civic Warriors of Maruleng approaches High Court to interdict appointments

The Civic Warriors of Maruleng has filed a motion with the High Court of South Africa Limpopo Division to interdict the appointment of Director of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer respectively. The matter is set to be heard in the abovementioned court on the 14th June 2018. CWM seeks an urgent relief in that the court should interdict or stop the municipality from effecting appointment on the two positions.Picture by Goldrick Mafologela

The position of Director Corporate Services has been vacant since 1st January 2014 while the Chief Financial Officer one became vacant on the 1st July 2017. Formal processes ensued to fill the two positions however it was found that there has been a lot of non-compliance thereby rendering the whole exercise unlawful. Efforts were thus put in train to correct the anomalies but to no avail. The position of Director Corporate Services was to be filled by Mr. Malatji K.E and that of Chief Financial Officer by Mr. Malema L.C and they were to start working on the 4th June 2018.

The political deficiency on the part of the governing African National Congress has reduced the municipality to a mere dysfunctional mechanism of lobby interests. That the position of Director of Corporate Services has been vacant for the past three years is a true reflection of lack of political astuteness on the part of the governing party’s Political Management Team. It is unheard of in governance parlance that key strategic management structures are so weakened by lack of political will thus crippling service delivery.

It is equally discomforting that council went ahead with its intention to appoint Mr. Malatji K.E. as Director Corporate Services regardless of the pending case which he lodged with the High Court on the matter of the same position. The governing ANC has indeed lost all the necessary legal tools in terms of its mandate to oversee the functionality of this public institution. That council overlooked all the relevant legal stipulations on the appointment of Senior Managers is a reflection of an acute shortage of leadership.

The Civic Warriors of Maruleng argue that if these appointments were to be proceeded with it will amount to corruption and non-compliance with council resolutions. In a nutshell, this matter is just a tip of the iceberg given the fact that there are several other resolutions adopted by council that continue to be flouted. If the High Court finds in favor of the CWM it will be proper for the ANC to take action against the PMT which evidence shows that it has failed dismally to provide the necessary leadership.


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  1. It is clear that the municipality is politically run by people who are virtually apolitical and lacking in the art of governance.

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