BOOK REVIEW-Book Name: My Own Liberator – A Memoir


Book Name: My Own Liberator – A Memoir

Author: Dikgang Moseneke

Publisher: Picador Africa

ISBN: 978-1-77010-598-0

In this riveting account of his life and the contribution he made and continues to make, Dikgang Moseneke reveals the essence of history as a determinant to a country’s evolution. Jailed at age 15, Dikgang Moseneke defied the limitations of being incarcerated and deprived of human freedoms and emerged from Robben Island with two undergraduate degrees – a Bachelor of Arts in English and political science and a B Juris. As if that was not enough, and to deepen his revolutionary instincts, as a freedom fighter, he went on to obtain a Bachelor of Laws degree. He served our country as Deputy Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court for over 10 years until his retirement in 2016.

Dikgang Moseneke, has in this Memoir, packaged critical elements of our history and things people have done in their modest and vital contribution to the birth of our democratic dispensation. He shares his agony and happiness by cautioning about the pending transformational logjam that may reverse what he correctly calls “Our Democratic Dividend”. It is therefore encouraging that we still have those patriots that are working very hard to defend and preserve our hard won democracy.

Dikgang Moseneke’ s Memoir carries a great potential, if read with the necessary foresight to instill in all South Africans, a sense of serving humanity without regard to material gain. It teaches and counsels on the broader front of the evolution of our country and the critical importance of ensuring that it is developed for the good of all its citizens.

Reviewed by: Goldrick Mafologela

Reporter and Editor: SwordEntertainment Online Publication

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